Is cosmetic surgery for me?
There are numerous plastic surgery choices to enhance or modify your body or facial features. Be sure to have a frank conversation with your doctor about these options. Tell him your expectations and consider his suggestions. Your physician understands how your body will react to a cosmetic procedure and may recommend different approaches to achieve your desired results. There are several different cosmetic options.
Localized cosmetic options focus on a single area of the body; for example, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation or liposuction. The results of these procedures yield a more youthful appearance.
Another option involves the use of the latest laser technology which offers a less evasive plastic surgery option. Minimally invasion surgery involves the use of lasers or other specially designed instruments. In most cases, these procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis with minimal recovery time required.
Don’t forget to consider non-surgical options too. Some newly developed skin care products produce remarkable results at a fraction of the price. Retin-A can reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. Microdermabrasion facials can renew and rejuvenate a tired look. Finally, collagen therapy miraculously removed fine lines and wrinkles. Many of the procedures are offered at medical spas under the supervision of a physican.
After refreshing your face, don’t forget your teeth. Consider cosmetic surgery to finish your new look. Remember, you can change the outside; however, true feelings of wellness come from within.