Skin care

Skin Care Treatments
If you want younger looking skin, you have many options available today. Some people want a permanent solution and opt for surgery; while others prefer a non-surgical approach and use creams, injections or peels.
Skin regeneration involves eliminating the old, dead layer of skin cells and allows the new cells to emerge. This new layer is firmer and appears fresh and rejuvenated. Depending on the damage, you may need a light exfoliation or a significant peel.
A Botox injection is used to soften facial lines. It works best with dynamic wrinkles like frown lines or crow’s feet. Each treatment will last between 3 to 6 months. Initially, you may experience minor pain or swelling at the injection site. However, this dissipates quickly.
Dermal fillers treatments also help reduce wrinkles. The substance is injected under the surface of the skin to fill in line and plump up the skin. They can also be used to plump up your lips. They are customarily used to improve laugh lines around your mouth and nose and improve puck marks from acne.
Originally, there were two different types of dermal fillers: silicone and collagen. Collagen naturally occurs in the body; so it is the preferred dermal filler. As you age, you lose collagen and this creates the need for a filler. Some people experience allergic reactions to fillers. Additionally, dermal fillers can be expensive choice as a wrinkle treatment.
Be sure to explore all of your skin care treatment options before choosing the right one. Every one is different; what worked for you sister, friend or co-worker may not work for you. Seek the advice of professionals when choosing a skin care treatment.