Menthol Flavor – A Medium Strength E-Liquid

Menthol Flavor – A Medium Strength E-Liquid

The chief reason why many people opt for smoking is perhaps the flavor of tobacco or the other chemicals present in it. These ingredients give some sort of satisfaction and pleasure to the users and that is why people usually smoke to get relieved and have an enjoyable experience. As far as traditional cig is concerned, there is only the tobacco and some other chemicals which produce flavor for the user. But in case of electronic cigarettes many flavors are available such as apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, menthol and many more. All these flavors differ in their taste as well as the content of the ingredients producing flavor in the e-liquid. Out of these menthol is perhaps the most apt one as far as strength of flavor is concerned in the world of electric cigarette flavors… Let us now discuss about the strength of menthol e-liquid.

A healthy alternative to smoking- Menthol flavored e-liquid prove to be healthy alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking as menthol is prepared from natural herb peppermint. Also it is available in pure crystals which have been dissolved in glycol. These crystals are made available in the form of liquid to be filled in the cartomisers for the e-cigs. It means menthol e-liquidis completely natural in form and hence quite safe to use. The quantity of nicotine is adjusted with the quantity of e-liquid flavor so as to reduce addiction to nicotine. It makes menthol flavor to be a medium strength e-liquid.

Menthol in the form of concentrate– Menthol flavor is available in the form of concentrate as well. Again it is dissolved in propylene glycol and is even used in the preparation many consumable products by human beings. This concentrate can be added to e-juice of e-cig according to requirement, thereby limiting amount of e-liquid being consumed by the user but at the same time providing same sensation as is provided by the traditional tobacco cig. So the user can easily adjust the amount of menthol flavor at medium level or according to requirement to have the smoking pleasure.

Minimal consumption of e-liquid juice gives the strong cooling effect– The nature of menthol e-cigarette liquid is such that even small to medium amounts can help user have the greatest cooling effect. It shows that menthol is neither high nor low in strength. It is strengthened to medium level so that the users may not have to utilize high amounts or get addicted to its use. In almost all the menthol electric cigarette starter kits, the strength of menthol is adjusted at medium level.

Nice flavor and smell- The liquid of menthol flavor e-liquid in the context of e-juice is such that it gives a nice taste and smell to the user. It is not so strong to make the taste bitter or too low in strength to make it totally sweet. The taste lies in between the two levels i.e. at medium level which makes it appropriately flavored. Also the scent of menthol e-cigarette flavors is nice to smell. It is again apt i.e. not even too strong or light. It remains at medium level to make others around the user comfortable enough to breathe in the environment.

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