Medical tourism

Medical Tourism in India

The medical tourism industry is worth almost hundreds of millions of pounds to the India economy. Almost 200,000 medical tourists visit each year. The Indian government is leading the bandwagon and encouraging travels from every continent to visit India for their medical needs with everything from dental care to cosmetic procedures, heart surgery to organ transplants.
The medical migration began in Brittan with frustrated patients unable to get adequate services from the NHS. Individuals can organize their own medical trips. However, several agencies have formed to coordinate medical care in India. Cosmetic surgery abroad is a growing industry.
Cost seems to be the biggest factor when choosing to seek medical attention in a foreign country. In the UK, a knee replacement can cost upward of £12,150. The same surgery can be performed in India for less than £3,000. The quality of the facility and the personnel is comparable and in some cases better than in the UK.
In addition to medical services, dentistry abroad is also very popular. Countries like Costa Rica and Malta are establishing themselves as world leaders in cosmetic dentistry.
If you would like to visit a world-class facility at bargain basement discount prices; consider having your next medical procedure in India. It is a very cost-effective alternative.

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