Fat loss

Should I consider weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is for individuals who are significantly over weight. Unfortunately, the latest statistics indicate that over half of the population of England is considered overweight with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of at least 25. These individuals need to do something for their current and future health.
There are several surgical options available today. The gastric band, also called the lap band, basically reduces the size of the stomach which makes you feel full faster. A slightly more radical approach is the gastric bypass. In addition to making a small stomach, food is sent directly to the small intestines; bypassing most of the stomach. Finally, a gastric balloon is available for a less invasive procedure. In this case, the balloon is inflated for six months which makes you feel fuller. It gives you time to learn new eating habits and retrain your brain and stomach to know when it is full.
However, some people eat right and exercise; yet still have some pockets of fat. Liposuction may be the answer for this problem. This cosmetic procedure removes excessive fat in specific areas. It is very effective in the belly, thigh and arm areas.
In every case, individuals should consider lifestyle changes too. First, stop smoking. Next, start exercise. A little exercise goes a long way; consider walking. Finally, make healthy eating choices. No matter which surgery option you choose, you will need to include these lifestyle changes too.