Dental Insurance

Do I really need dental insurance?

Your teeth are a barometer of your body’s health. If you neglect your teeth, it can have devastating results for your overall well-being. Unfortunately, even routine dental maintenance can be very costly. It can also be difficult to get an appointment with an NHS provider. Dental insurance can help alleviate some of the cost burden and in certain cases, give you a private provider option.
The main dental complaint is a toothache. This can be very painful; but is usually preventable with proper routine maintenance. Dental insurance policies traditionally cover routine visits and can actually save you money by encouraging preventative maintenance and treatment.
There are five categories of dental issues. They range from routine to catastrophic. Different dental insurance policies offer different coverages. Be sure to understand each type of insurance and how your prospective dental policy handles it.
1. Routine Maintenance: This includes hygienists polishing, periodontal checks and dentist exam.
2. Remedial and Restorative treatment: This includes cavity filling, crowns and bridges.
3. Emergency: In this case, an acute dental problem develops that includes significant pain.
4. Injury: Often accidental and may require hospitalization.
5. Serious: This is the catastrophic category and including diseases like mouth cancer.
Most policies cover a portion of the dental costs. However, be sure to check out the policy limits; there are traditionally single visit and annual caps. Many dental policies restrict payment to NHS providers; options allowing private dental treatment can be more costly.
So, in most cases it is a good idea to have dental insurance. Don’t forget to insure your children too. Many policies allow you to add resident children, up to age 18, for a very nominal charge. Good dental health translates into good overall health.